Governance Structure

A Consortium Policy Committee (CPC) composed of the Deans (or their representatives) from each institution sets by-laws, admits members and determines fees.

The CPC uses an Advisory Board of three members who are internationally respected in the arena of medical student assessments and are not employed by any member institution.

A committee of Item Bank Administrators (with one representative from each school) is responsible for assessing related needs and developments in medical information technology.

Ad hoc committees run workshops, acquire research grants and address other needs.

IDEAL is supported by the Secretary General role, whose position directly reports to the Chair and the IDEAL's Executive and indirectly to members of the IDEAL Consortium Policy Committee (CPC), paralleling the role of an executive director in a company structure.

On-going operational duties are addressed by one part-time employee under the supervision of IDEAL Consortium Management Company Limited in Hong Kong.