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What is IDEAL Consortium?


The IDEAL Consortium is an international collaboration of Faculties of Medicine which administer their student assessments in English. The Consortium has developed an Item Bank software program, called the IDEAL program, which allows its members to share a high quality, voluminous assessment bank for medical education. The Consortium encourages communication among member schools concerning quality standards in assessment, and promotes research for developing international standards in assessment of medical competence.

With the new IDEAL v5 software upgrade, all members of the IDEAL consortium could now access the item bank (both the open and secure bank) containing more than 30,000 items using the Windows or OSX operating system on a laptop or PC computer. The web-based user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. Full installation guide and step by step instructions are available for all users.

IDEAL Consortium (established in 2003)
IDEAL Consortium Management Company Limited (established in 2016)